Celebrating twenty years of Mada al-Carmel: Mada provides free access to its electronic library
To commemorate the twenty-year anniversary of its establishment, Mada al-Carmel has made available its entire catalogue of published resources. PDFs[...]
Despite attempted disruptions, Mada’s online seminar addressing the UAE-Israel peace deal is a great success
Following the announcement of the Israeli-Emirati peace deal, Mada al-Carmel convened a seminar on Zoom entitled “Palestinians in Israel and[...]
Mada concludes its most recent Zionism and Settler Colonialism workshop series
Mada has concluded its most recent series of workshops on Zionism and settler colonialism, six sessions of which were convened[...]


The Arab student movement in Israeli Universities: A Personal Narrative
Mada al-Carmel has recently launched a new project which centers on Palestinian autobiographical writing. By inviting community members and activists[...]
Position Paper: Future implications of the Israeli-Emirati Peace Agreement
In recent years, there has been an unusual sort of race between Arab states (especially those in the Gulf) in[...]
Position Paper: Dissolving the Palestinian Authority in the instance of Israeli Annexation
This paper by Dr Khaled Khalil al-Shaykh Abdallah weighs up the idea of dissolving the Palestinian Authority in the instance[...]