Mada Al-Carmel concludes its seventh doctoral conference
For the seventh year in a row, with perseverance and determination, Mada Al-Carmel Center organized its seventh conference for Palestinian[...]
Mada Al-Carmel Center 2021 Annual Conference
Mada Al-Carmel – the Arab Center for Applied Social Research held its 2021 Annual Conference at Umm El Fahem Theatre[...]
Book Review of Mahmood Mamdani’s Neither Settler nor Native
Book Review of Mahmood Mamdani’s Neither Settler nor Native[1] By: Mark Muhannad Ayyash June 22, 2021   *The material below[...]


Jadal no. 38: Politics in the Time of Coronavirus
This issue of Jadal comes in the midst of our confrontation with the Coronavirus pandemic, and its global social, political and economic[...]
Position Paper: Palestinians in Israel & the Israeli-Emirati Peace Deal
This position paper aims to discuss the political positions of the Palestinian community in Israel regarding the peace agreement recently[...]
Publication of Book Containing Articles from Mada’s 2020 Annual Conference
Mada al-Carmel have released a book drawing together all the articles and research findings recently presented at its 2020 annual[...]