Mada Prepares for its 2020 Annual Conference
Every year, Mada’s conference focuses on an aspect of Palestinian life and reality in Israel- this year’s conference is entitled[...]
Do economic changes affect the political preferences of Arabs in Israel?
Sami Miaari has written a new paper exploring the relationship between changing patterns of voting amongst the Palestinian community in Israel and[...]
Mada al-Carmel Launches a New Series of Articles: “Palestinian Autobiography”
Mada al-Carmel is constantly looking to expand the scope of its work, and to incorporate new critical and disciplinary perspectives[...]


Position Paper: Palestinians in Israel & the Israeli-Emirati Peace Deal
This position paper aims to discuss the political positions of the Palestinian community in Israel regarding the peace agreement recently[...]
Publication of Book Containing Articles from Mada’s 2020 Annual Conference
Mada al-Carmel have released a book drawing together all the articles and research findings recently presented at its 2020 annual[...]
Israel Studies (4): Post-Zionism
For nearly two decades from the 1980s until the mid-2000s the post-Zionist movement revealed the tensions and contradictions inherent in[...]