Publication of Jadal no. 37: Selected texts from Palestinian PhD students (2019)

Publication of Jadal no. 37: Selected texts from Palestinian PhD students (2019)

Mada al-Carmel has recently published the 37th edition of its online journal Jadal. It features essays from Palestinian doctoral students who participated in Mada's 2019 PhD student seminar. In their introduction to the edition, editors Areen Hawari and Dr. Mohanned Mustafa describe the importance of generating rigorous Arabic-language scholarship, and... Details

Jadal 29:“The Public Sphere in the Arab Palestinian Community inside the Green Line”

Mada al-Carmel Center has released a new issue of Jadal Electronic magazine, edited by Muhannad Mustafa and Areen Hawari. This issue (29) deals with the public sphere and its context in the Palestinian community inside Israel from various aspects. The introduction starts by saying that the “public domain or public... Details

Jadal 27-28: “The Palestinian City’s Cultural, Political, Social and Urban Transformation”

Mada al-Carmel Center issued an extra issue of the Jadal electronic magazine, edited by Muhanad Mustafa and Areen Hawari. This issue (27-28) of Jadal deals with the Palestinian city and its cultural, political, social and urban transformation, in the context of Israeli colonial settlement structure inside the Green Line and... Details

Jadal 26: “The Decision to Ban the Islamic Movement in Israel”

The current issue of Mada Al-Carmel electronic magazine “Jadal” addresses the decision to outlaw the Islamic Movement adopted by the Israeli government in the mid of November 2015. The Israeli decision, to politically outlaw the Islamic Movement, is considered a historical turning point in the relationship between Israel and the... Details

jadal 25: “The Joint List”

The main theme of the current issue of Jadal is the Joint List, which is a political alliance of four Arab-dominated parties in Israel. The formation of the Joint List has been considered as a historic step within the Arab political scene inside the Green Line, as it is the... Details